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- What's up, boys? kripal here on Techkripal. And we have a brand new 2020 MacBook Air in-house, beautiful and original, SuperSaf style. So a thumbs up for that can be appreciated. This was announced just a few days ago. Let's go ahead and find it with the boxes and take a closer look. So the box and marking, are very similar to what we had years ago. You can see the separate profile of the MacBook Air. Let's open this, it's plastered. Where we go. Now, you see here that I got a gold version. There is also a gray space and a silver type available. As well as the MacBook Air, inside the box you get USB-C on a USB-C cable. You get papers that include some Apple gold stickers. I love it when the curriculum is aligned with color. Then we have a 30-watt charger. So that’s what you get inside the box. Let’s get to the MacBook Air. The plastic is off. And here we have it, the 2020 MacBook Air. Depending on the design, it looks very similar to the previous generation. So we have a mirror of the Apple logo. And this is done with 100% recycled aluminum, so big thumbs are made for that. I like that nature is taken into account when combining this. I think it ends up like 47% carbon interms of emissions, so it's really good. And the intelligence in size is also very similar to the last generation MacBook Air, so the height and width are very similar.


 However, this is a little fat, and a little heavier, so it is around 1.29 kg, compared to the 1.25kg we had last time, so it is still very light overall. Now, we are very small because we have one big, big development this year, and that is the keyboard. So this keyboard now has a new scanner that we have seen introduced on the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and it sounds so good. You have rounded the onemillimeter for key movement. Now, the previous generation butterfly keyboard has received a lot of criticism, but it looks like Apple is now completely eliminating that, and now they are using a skissor mechanism keyboard. And I can tell you from a personal experience of using the 16-inch MacBookPro a few good months now that the typing experience on this keyboard is actually really good. And I think that's something most people will enjoy. We have inverted-T arrow keys, something most people want. So you can easily feel those there without looking. The trackpad is a Force Touch trackpad, and it works really well, as expected. Now, let's look at the display. To the best of my knowledge, the mirror is similar to what we have had the previous generation. So a 13.3-inch Retina display with True Tone technology.


 It is surrounded by a density of 227 PPI pixels, and has 400 light numbers. A really good show overall. The bezels are not as powerful as what we have found with the MacBook Pro, but what is more special, greatly improved, is the interior. So this is a basic model that starts at 999 pounds or $ 999. And this comes with a1.1 gigahertz dual-core 10th-gen Intel Core i3 processor, eight gigabytes of LPDDR4XRAM, Intel Iris graphics Plus, with 256 gigabytes of SSD storage. So that savings is doubled in the basic model compared to what we had in the previous generation at a lower price. And you can get a lot of different textures, of course. You can get an i5 or up to a Quad-Core i7 processor, up to 16 gigabytes of RAM, up to the last two terabytes. Well, those are going to be high prices. And with functionality that will mean you have to wake up twice as fast performance with the CPU and 80% faster graphics. So that's really amazing. And I think the most impressive thing for me is that the MacBook Air now also supports the Apple Pro XDR display. So that's like a 6k display that you'll be able to connect to your MacBook Air. Now with the ports, we have a 3.5 mm jack and two USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports. So this is the same as the one we had before. And then we have the Touch ID button here at the top right of the keyboard. It works really well. It works with Apple Pay, too. For speakers, we have stereo speakers here. They have an additional 25% capacity and double times compared to the previous generation. Well, they are not at the same level as the MacBook Pro, in my opinion it has excellent speakers, but this is very good.


 The worst thing in my opinion is that we still have the 720 FaceTime HD camera. I’ve been making a lot of calls, especially when I look at the situation, and that’s just what I wish Apple would improve. Yes, it is still 720p. I'm sure it will be good for most people. And on the battery we use a 49.9-watt battery which you should use the most. Of course, that will vary depending on what you do. If you do regular web browsing with Word documents, it will save you a long time. When you do a photo editing, video editing, it will be shooting using very, very fast. And it is something I will need to spend more time with. Now, the price, as it starts at 999 pounds or $ 999. There is a discount on education, so in the U.S., it is $ 899. and has the last part. So I think this is going to be great, very popular with readers, and I think that’s what’s meant for this. If you’re a college or university person, and you’re in Apple’s ecosystem, I think this might be a really good option. That's what I think. What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below. Is there anything else you would like me to do with the 2020 MacBook Air? And let me know. I hope you enjoyed this video and f