2020 Macbook Air Review, M1 is INCREDIBLE πŸ”₯

 Today I bring you the update of MacBook Air 2020, you already know that we are bringing the Apple Silicon version and after all, the new M1 processor I was testing, I have been testing all the programs you will probably use If you want to buy this new MacBook Air, but let's start at the beginning. 

Macbook Air

The system does not remove the box, what enters the box. Well, the fastest thing and we'll get over it, just bring a new MacBook, it also brings a charger, cable and good because the plastic plastquitos, and the stickers that in this good draw me attention to color, as you come with this Space Gray of this shade, okay? Then when we release a new MacBook in the build there is no change, right? It has the same weight, the same width, the same trackpad, the same scissors keyboard and after all in terms of aesthetics the only thing that changes is the screen because it changes slightly but adds a P3 color range that will allow us to have a wider range of colors and finally, for photo editors or working in photography, it will be great because you will see more tones and finally, better colors, which is very important. But now we go with the protagonist of this MacBook, which is its processor, and as you know, Apple is using the new "all-in-one" construction, 

we can say that it will give us many things that Apple has promised, such as CPU 3, 5 times faster. there is an end to the previous version, 5 better graphics or a double SSD, but is that really the case? We'll check it out right now and decide to start with a test that will open all apps automatically to see how much this device was used and whether it really supports it or had a problem when opening any of these apps. The fact that it works incredibly well, this M1 supports multiple applications simultaneously and also uses approximately the 6GB of 8GB that this MacBook has. To guide you a bit, this MacBook I bought has 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and this M1 processor, so the basic version is $ 999. And if you haven't heard, the performance of this M1 on another Geekbench in Single-Core is amazing and surpasses many of last year's high-end devices but does not stay here because in Multi-Core it surpasses, for example, the MacBook Pro, a 16 "higher last year which cost more than € 3000 so you can think of the power of this M1 not only power but also energy saving.

 I wanted to know this so I used this so I used the CineBench R23 program to be really surprised. I set aside 10 minutes to see if those points got to the end. what, it would be seen in the final performance, and in the temperature of the device and of the MacBo ok it gives 6,680 points on average, which is tricky compared to MacBook 2020 where in the same test it gave me about 700 points, OK? The most interesting thing about this is not the school, which is ultimately a small guide, but rather the temperature it reaches because with the 2020 MacBook input device with Intel processors it has risen to 99 degrees, heated and made noise. fans that was amazing. From this you already know that this device has no fans, and after this test, which is very demanding for 10 minutes, there is nothing tense. It is true that it was a little warm but I do not think it rose above 35ΒΊ because of the feeling it had. We can therefore come to the conclusion that this heatsink that these devices have instead of a fan works very well because of the M1 as well.

 And we'll also see that the SSD is twice as fast as last year, with last year's versions and the fact is, right? In another test I found that the early 2020 SSD of this MacBook Air was there, well and I have to tell you that the installation distance, because it gave me about 1000MB / s per second for both reading and writing always surpassing 2000MB / s for both reading and writing so to say this is true , this SSD is very fast and will ultimately help us especially when we transfer files and day by day it will be very useful when we turn on our device. And as I know most of you love to play games download League of Legends and it is true that it is modeled for Rosetta 2, that is, it is not a traditional app and not made for the new Apple Silicon but I am surprised a lot because it is the first MacBook that can be played with fun. If we leave the graphics automatically, as it comes with the same resolution and graphics in between, we will get FPS of over 100 FPS, to me which is crazy. It also played quite smoothly and as you can see it is good to play such a powerful game on this MacBook Air without throwing, without FPS drops and then when we set the resolution to the top, we set the graphics very high We found that the FPS fell but around 65-70FPS which is a good rating. of FPS and we can finally play powerful games like LOL with perfect smoothness, right? I was going to get Fortnite but then I realized it didn't work. But we go with other apps every day to really see if you really want this device to work, if it's worth it, it's definitely something you like, and I've been testing other apps, right? It is true that if you are an engineer you will not be able to mimic Windows on a virtual machine so you will have to wait for these apps to be customized for this processor, so if you are an engineer you will be thinner